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We are a production company working in the field of short & feature films, adventure experiences, music videos, documentaries and video apps.
We’re all about keeping it real. We want to tell real stories, with real emotions, about real people. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do; with decades of experience, we challenge ourselves on every project and are always keen to push our team to the absolute max.


Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

If there is a point to be made we know how to make it. We develop the right strategy for your brand to ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time, every time.


Documentaries speak the truth; they focus on the untold stories that test human society. We invest time into films that we believe can change the world or the way we view it. From feature length to shorter hits, we continue to tell tales.
Music Videos

Music Videos

With a team that spans the entire creative spectrum, we know how to work with artists at every level of the process to create videos that excite and compel. Whether you’re a rocker or a popper, we know how to bring your beats to life.


Naturally,our team has extended to a team of still-life photographers for when an idea needs to be captured in only one frame. We use state-of-the-art equipment and modern post-processing to deliver a suite of imagery that is second to none.
Aerial Footage

Aerial Footage

When our team can’t get to those hard-to-reach places, we send in the drones. Using the cutting edge of unmanned filming gear we’ve produced shots that have become favourites with our clients.


Have the footage but need it glued? We work with a team of highly experienced editors to ensure that everyone from amateur filmmakers to high-end production houses get the perfect cut every time.

The RP Family

RRP Family
Buddy Reel Logo

Buddy Reel

Buddy Reel is a video app that allows you to compile live phone footage, shoot from multiple phones instantly, allowing the users to combine experiences, and relive the memories, seeing them from different, unique perspectives.
MadHatters film camp logo

MadHatter's Film Camp

MadHatter’s provides both Summer and weekend camps, dedicated to the production of fun-filled courses for children and teenagers interested in learning more about the film industry and all aspects aspects of film production.
Fox Edge logo

Fox Edge Studios

We are proud to announce our latest asset to Reynard Productions – ‘Fox Edge Studios’. Fox Edge is a state-of-the-art Marbella-based facility where we now focus most of our studio work. It consists of a sound studio, 5×5 meter green screen, 5×5 meter white screen, editing suites and even a gaming room. Look out for video and photos coming soon.

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